FAACP is Military Owned and Operated

When I was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq flying C-130’s I didn’t have to think about where I was going to sleep that night. The military told me. My barracks were shared, the bed was uncomfortable and the bathroom was an inconvenient quarter mile outdoor jaunt; but at least I didn’t have to think about it.


This was not the case when I was stateside and was tasked with temporary duty or temporary training assignments. We had choices. Given the options at a given location, I was constantly searching for the cheapest most comfortable lodging I could find in order to save money and make life as easy as possible while I was there.    Value and quality were my criteria.  I didn’t want to sacrifice one to get the other.  Finding the perfect balance was the goal.


FAA Crashpads is not only family owned but we are also both military members. We know the stress of attending rigorous training. We get it.  We’ve been in your shoes.


We know what it’s like to search tirelessly for comfortable lodging at a good price. And we’ve made it our mission to serve those attending the FAA Academy by offering unmatched quality and value.   Our experiences and expertise help us know exactly what your needs are and how to create a stress-free environment during your time in Oklahoma

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