How to save $2400 while at the FAA Academy

Ok, so you are not doing nothing, you are attending a tough course at the FAA Academy, but it is also an opportunity to put money in your pocket. When you attend a course at the FAA you have a few options for where to stay based on your needs. For your long term stay, the FAA authorizes up to $57/day for lodging and you get $37.40/day for meals and incidentals.  For lodging, you have two options: can do direct bill with the FAA academy or self-pay and then get reimbursed by the FAA when you file your voucher.  If you do direct bill, you don’t need to file a voucher and the FAA Academy deals directly with the housing provider to pay your lodging bill.  The big downside is you can’t pocket any extra money.  If you chose that option, every housing provider, including us, will charge the full $57/day.  That being said, the best deal for you is to do self-pay and then file a voucher.  If you do that, the FAA will reimburse you the full $5/day regardless of how much you actually spend on housing. With current rates as low as $37 a night for a long term stay you will save $600 for every month you choose to stay with us. So if you are hear for a 4 month course you could save roughly $2400!  If you are having to support two households or you just want to save money then, choosing a crashpad like us is definitely the way to go. So… don’t just give your hard earned cash away to a provider based on the idea of a special Valentines day party. Our place is decked out with everything you need to make you feel at home.  Did we mention a portion of the profits benefit the Veteran’s charity the Yellow Ribbon fund. So stay with us, save money, as well benefit a great cause! 

You Can Text Your Landlord!

Congratulations you got accepted to go through ATC training at the FAA Academy. Now what? You might checkout the great resource provided for you by the FAA Academy Student Services website that provides you with some vetted options for lodging while you are at training.  Rest easy, FAA Crashpads is on there!

We are not only veteran owned and operated we are a Mom and Pop meaning we have a one-on-one relationship with our students. Just text us we will take care of it! We offer a list of amenities including a full cable package and a gym membership. We are your FAA Academy housing provider.

7 tips and tricks for busy FAA students

1. Find a study group

               It’s no secret that study groups can make or break you while at the FAA academy. At FAACP we do our best to put you with classmates or others going through your type of training. However, if we can’t then the other providers are just a short drive away where you will find other classmates.

2. Use memory techniques

               Your brain will retain the knowledge better if you break it down into pieces or make it fun and memorable. Here are the best techniques out there:

3. Make to do lists

               This habit has stuck with me from some of my busiest times in college and during pilot training. I try to make a list every day, but at a minimum, weekly and often Sunda evening before the work week starts.  If I cross 3 things off my list per day, I consider myself successful

4. Online Grocery shopping

               Simply build your grocery list on an app and press checkout when ready to either pick up or have them delivered. This will easily save you 2-3 hour/week. Oklahoma City has all of the services you could think of:  Walmart pickup, Shipt, Insta Cart, and Target grocery pickup are a few of the big ones, so  make sure to take advantage!   

5. Take time to rest and organize

               Take one day on the weekend and use it to destress and organize yourself. This is a good time to meal prep and plan to make your week go more smoothly

6. Build in study breaks

               Studies have shown that the brain can only focus on a task effectively for 30-45 mins. When you start to notice yourself becoming overly distracted that is a good time to take a 5-10 min break.

7. Eat healthy and exercise

               This will only improve your performance. Make homecooked meals in your FAA Crashpad kitchen then go for a nature hike at nearby Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge. You won’t regret it!

We are NOT an AirBNB

When looking for housing while attending the FAA Academy one question you might want to ask your provider is are you cross-posted on Airbnb? This is could be important information to know because you want to know who you are staying with in the same domicile. Air bnb occupants are going to be more transient and unvetted. Since we know the FAA conducts background checks on all their employees we know we are getting the best!

Furthermore, you don’t want to have your reservation cut short for another more lucrative tenant. Air BNB operators have higher fees due to taxes and insurance thus charge their occupants a premium.

While we have nothing against the business model, we simply want our students to know we are 100% committed to them. We rent solely to FAA students and put them with classmates when available. We designed our business around the FAA academy schedule and are here for you!!

FAA Crashpads to Provide Free Housing During Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown which began on 22  Dec 2018 is in it’s seventh day and still has no end in sight.  Being in the military, we’ve experienced several government shutdowns throughout our careers and understand how stressful they can be, especially during the holidays.  We at FAA Crashpads value the students who stay with us and want to help mitigate the stress of those who are currently furloughed.   If you have a reservation with us, we’ll provide free housing until the government shutdown is resolved and classes start back up.   We’re honored to provide the best value in lodging for FAA Academy students and continue to look for ways to make your stay as stress free and enjoyable as possible during your course.

Fall Football & ESPN… We have it!

If you are anything like us, we like to cut costs wherever we can. We decided a few years back the at $150+ a month we could do without traditional cable. This came at a bit of a price though; sports! We missed fall football and in particular ESPN. Now if we want to catch a game we have to catch it on the local channels or head out and find a sports bar or have a really nice friend to invite us over.

When you stay with FAA Crashpads you get more than 150 channels to chose from including ESPN and NFL Sunday ticket so you will get the full experience you want during football season. Not to mention our internet speeds approximately 100 mb/s fast enough for gaming or streaming.  So let us foot the bill while you enjoy the game!