FAACP is Military Owned and Operated

When I was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq flying C-130’s I didn’t have to think about where I was going to sleep that night. The military told me. My barracks were shared, the bed was uncomfortable and the bathroom was an inconvenient quarter mile outdoor jaunt; but at least I didn’t have to think about it.


This was not the case when I was stateside and was tasked with temporary duty or temporary training assignments. We had choices. Given the options at a given location, I was constantly searching for the cheapest most comfortable lodging I could find in order to save money and make life as easy as possible while I was there.    Value and quality were my criteria.  I didn’t want to sacrifice one to get the other.  Finding the perfect balance was the goal.


FAA Crashpads is not only family owned but we are also both military members. We know the stress of attending rigorous training. We get it.  We’ve been in your shoes.


We know what it’s like to search tirelessly for comfortable lodging at a good price. And we’ve made it our mission to serve those attending the FAA Academy by offering unmatched quality and value.   Our experiences and expertise help us know exactly what your needs are and how to create a stress-free environment during your time in Oklahoma

6 Reasons to Stay with FAA Crashpads

Have you tried finding an apartment or rental house in a OKC? Or a short-term furnished apartment? It can be hard! Especially, trying to find a place that you can stay at for just a few months. But there is a much easier way to arrange temporary housing.

FAA Crashpads is set up just for you! We offer great accommodations within the budget the FAA sets for you. There are many more benefits to staying in a Crashpad during school but here are just a few of them:

  1. Flexible Lease

We know that the FAA moves very quickly, yet at the same time can move very slowly. One of the most stressful parts about training assignments is the unpredictability. So, while you may be in training for months the timing of when your slot becomes available maybe last minute! We are here for you. Plus staying at FAACP  means you don’t have to stress over giving your 30-day notice to your landlord.

  1. Student friendly

Dealing with landlords and realtors can be a hassle, but we understand the FAA lifestyle. We can provide you with understanding, compassion, and assistance like no one else.

  1. Fully Equipped Kitchen

ATC training is full of long, hard days and at the end of them, you’ll appreciate having a fully-equipped kitchen to come home to. Whether you want to cook family-style meals with your roommates or pour a bowl of cereal, either way, everything you need to cook your meals is available in your Crashpad kitchen.

  1. Utilities without the hassle

Setting up utilities is a huge hassle and there’s no reason to get into this during training. All of the utilities, including cable and Wi-Fi, are included with your Crashpad experience.

  1. Close to the FAA Academy

After those long days of training, the last thing you want to do is battle traffic and spend another 30 minutes in the car. FAACP homes are located close to the installation, making that part a breeze.

  1. Friendship and Community

Hotels rooms can be lonely. They all the look the same, they get very cluttered, and there is no room for hanging out with friends. With a Crashpad, you’ll have common areas to gather with friends and housemates to make the days away from family better. Some of the friends you meet at training will be the ones you keep for life.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

How to save $2400 while at the FAA Academy

Ok, so you are not doing nothing, you are attending a tough course at the FAA Academy, but it is also an opportunity to put money in your pocket. When you attend a course at the FAA you have a few options for where to stay based on your needs. For your long term stay, the FAA authorizes up to $57/day for lodging and you get $37.40/day for meals and incidentals.  For lodging, you have two options: can do direct bill with the FAA academy or self-pay and then get reimbursed by the FAA when you file your voucher.  If you do direct bill, you don’t need to file a voucher and the FAA Academy deals directly with the housing provider to pay your lodging bill.  The big downside is you can’t pocket any extra money.  If you chose that option, every housing provider, including us, will charge the full $57/day.  That being said, the best deal for you is to do self-pay and then file a voucher.  If you do that, the FAA will reimburse you the full $5/day regardless of how much you actually spend on housing. With current rates as low as $37 a night for a long term stay you will save $600 for every month you choose to stay with us. So if you are hear for a 4 month course you could save roughly $2400!  If you are having to support two households or you just want to save money then, choosing a crashpad like us is definitely the way to go. So… don’t just give your hard earned cash away to a provider based on the idea of a special Valentines day party. Our place is decked out with everything you need to make you feel at home.  Did we mention a portion of the profits benefit the Veteran’s charity the Yellow Ribbon fund. So stay with us, save money, as well benefit a great cause!