Pricing Info

Your lodging rate will cover everything at FAA Crashpads.  That includes all utilities, high-speed wireless internet, Direct TV with NFL Sunday Ticket, lawn care and professional cleaning service.

Additionally, we’ll pay for a gym membership at the FAA’s Aero-Fitness Health Center.

And regardless of the option below, FAA students will still receive $38/day per diem for meals and incidentals.


Option 1:  $57/night per person.  (Includes grocery service)* 

Option 2:  $37-$42/night per person depending on room selection (does not include grocery service). 

Option 3:  $85/night for the whole house (student plus their family).  Excludes grocery service

Option 4:  $95/night (short-term rate of 15 class days or less)

* Interested in the grocery service?  Ask for details